Thing 6: Feedly Returns

Can I just say how much I love Feedly?  It’s become a daily stop for me.  It did take a little while for me to get used to skimming and then ignoring many of the items that showed up every day.  I think that, for every one “keeper” item, I probably deleted eight to ten others.  I just can’t get over what a time saver Feedly is for keeping up with what’s new, and I have already found tons of great ideas for my teaching!  For instance, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about infographics as a fun and different way for kids to demonstrate their learning about something.  Feedly hooked me up with Jeff Dunn’s awesome article 70 Tools and 4 Reasons to Make Your Own Infographics.  For some helpful advice on infographics, there’s also Larry Ferlazzo’s article.

Besides infographics, I’ve also been reading a lot of the lists that people seem to be writing about the best web tools of 2013.  My internet bookmarks list is now bursting at the seams with all these cool things I want to try.  Larry Ferlazzo has a good list about the best Web 2.0 tools for education.  Of course, the AASL just put out their list and Joyce Valenza wrote a nice article reflecting on their choices.  In MindShift, Katrina Schwartz had an article about some free webtools that students and teachers would find helpful.  I was particularly intrigued by ThingLink and plan to devote more time to exploring that tool.  You take a photograph and then embed other items in the photograph, such as links, video, audio, etc.  Cool, right?  I’ve already got tons of neurons firing off ideas for using it.

I could seriously spend the rest of the day talking about all the great things I’ve learned about because of Feedly.  I probably would have missed out on most of it if I’d had to go to each of those websites every day to see what was new.

2 thoughts on “Thing 6: Feedly Returns

  1. Have you discovered the site Daily Infographic? Each day an infographic is highlighted. Certainly not all are appropriate for LS students, but many are and all are excellent examples of them. I star my favorites and share them with my students and faculty.

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